Happy Birthday Nonna!

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nonna!”

  1. Happy Birthday! My name is Nada, I’m Allie’s friend from Hult. I am originally Lebanese, but was born in Sierra Leone and raised in California. Have a wonderful day! xo

  2. Happy Birthday Nonna! I hope to meet you some day, when we come for a visit with Kelli! Have a fabulous day! As you know you have an amazing granddaughter, I see where she get’s her elegance from. (Kelli, you are very elegant too !) Best wishes for a happy healthy year! ~ Stephanie & Keith Long

  3. wishing a very happy birthday to your nonna from washington, dc! with that much joy and love of little pleasure’s I have no doubt that the celebration – and those to come – will be fabulous. having a cupcake in her honor!

  4. Happy Birthday Beautiful Nonna!!! You win a gold for best spirit!

    1. Thank you all so much for the birthday greetings. I,m amazed that Allie did this for me and everything she said means so much. Today I love everyone. Tomorrow I,ll feel different!!!!!

  5. Wonderful Blog Allie ,Well done you !!!Everything you say about your fantastic Nonna is spot on , Happy birthaday Juilietta you are a very very special lady !!!! xxxx Sara x

  6. Alessandra, you have described her so brilliantly and eloquently. I laughed out loud several times. I wish you had the photos of her on the Segway rolling backwards or the picture of her standing on a ladder playing Jenga. They would have fit into your blog perfectly! You need to be published beautiful girl!

  7. Wishing you all the most wonderful things and happiness beyond imagination. Lots of love coming your way for your birthday and always!
    XOXO Laynie

  8. Happy Birthday Mum! I love you for so many reasons………but being the BEST Grandmother on the planet ranks #1. Allie’s tribute to you is beautiful & dead on.
    I love you more!

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