Le Bab

Have you ever wondered what comes next after the gourmet burger, gourmet hot dog, and dare I say it, the gourmet taco?
Wonder no more food loving friends, next to be perched upon the tiny, edible pedestal is the much-loved kebab.
Le Bab, a compact, new kebab restaurant has already been painfully popular sitting pretty atop Kingly Court.

Rid your mind of the dirty, late night, grease-fuelled indulgence sloppily shaved from a medieval contraption, used to absorb one too many shots of Russia’s finest export. But before we delve down the path of midnight mistakes, I’ll give you a little injection of culture with some of London’s most handsome structures.  IMG_4526After giving a talk at the University I once attended, I found myself exceptionally early for my dinner date. Rather than jump on the tube, I opted for a wintery stroll. This lead to a lengthy trip across the city, reigniting the ever flickering flame in the depths of my soul for this exceptional city. IMG_4471But you’re not here for the cityscape, you’re here for the bab boys that are having foodies’ feeds all aflutter. We’ve got another example of fine dining going rogue following Le Bab owners’ Michelin-starred stint at Le Gavroche. Having survived the latest wave of junk food gone gourmet, they took their interest for the history of the kebab, sprinkled a little experience, and have taken the restaurant plunge. IMG_4474With a charmingly small menu, broken up by beginnings, babs, sides and dessert, you can’t really go wrong. I must insist, however, you try the achingly trendy savoury doughnuts stuffed with spiced chicken liver parfait.  IMG_4476As seen on instagram @Alessandra_LDNIMG_4493And the best kind of falafel: one stuffed stuffed with tender lamb meat and deliciously seasoned. IMG_4481IMG_4483Ready for the main event, a rustic flat bread arrived topped with gourmet fixings. IMG_4485We went for the corn fed chicken shish, served with squash hummus, seasonal pickles, chicken crackling and Turkish hot pepper paste.
Do you see what I mean? Not your average bab. IMG_4490The flavours were incredible and level of guilt shockingly low. IMG_4498Despite the naughty side of chips served with a cheesy fondue sauce, which the lovely Jaia willingly helped me destroy. IMG_4497Next time you’re ready to cause some daylight damage with an edible indulgence, seek out Le Bab and give in to your delicious desires.


One thought on “Le Bab

  1. Juilietta Brian

    Sounds amazing, certainly a variation on the usual kebab that I always wonder how long its been slowly rotating on its spit! Where is this bab place, I would like to try it

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