July has flown by in one rainy, disappointing blur.
Now that the sun is finally shining and London has seriously lightened its mood, I can look back and appreciate some of my adventures that helped distract me from the inexplicably bad weather.

As it was my birthday month, I indulged a little more than usual. If you follow me on Instagram @alessandra_ldn, you may have already seen these and have probably given up on your summer diet.

The naughtiness began with a full-fat Fourth of July celebration at Bodeans BBQ. This beast is the Soho Special, a generous portion of BBQ Pulled Pork and Burnt Ends served between two delicious buns with a basket of fries. Happy Independence Day indeed!

Nerd Alert: Screening of The Dark Knight Rises. So undeniably phenomenal. If you haven’t yet feasted your eyes upon this mind-blowing movie, GO. Now.

Best place to be on a Saturday afternoon. Nestled away in Duke of York Square is my favourite posh food market.

My iPhone is clearly British. One day of sun and he overheats, rendering him completely useless until he “cools down.”

A serious catch-up over a Tsunami Sushi feast in Fitzrovia. One of my favourite, reasonably priced, intimate little sushi restaurants.

Midnight cupcake to kick off the birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to me!

Decadent Birthday Breakfast French Toast with Vanilla and Orange Zest which i’ve told you all about here.

Feng Sushi al Fresco on the balcony with blue skies and the sun shining. Fact: Sushi tastes better served with sunshine

A walk on the “beach” in Greenwich after dining by the water and watching the sun set.

Sexy soldier guarding Liberty at Westfield Mall in Stratford. Spent a lovely evening wandering around the shops amongst Olympic athletes.

A very strange Matcha Cappuccino. I love just about anything Matcha flavoured, but I think i’ll stick to tea over this concoction.

Did you do anything particularly exciting this month? Any July highlights?


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