Bubble Food

Once upon a time at The Fat Duck I lived out a foodie fantasy of epic proportion. When reliving this experience, I revealed what really makes my taste buds tingle. As much as I adore and crave simple, rustic flavours that wrap me in a blanket of delicious comfort, I lust for dining experiences that provide theatre, mystery and excitement as well as incredible flavour.

When I first discovered Bubble Food, I developed an instant obsession. Bubble Food is one of London’s leading catering companies, but aren’t serving up the boring prawn cocktails and fried croquettes you’re picturing in your mind. They take catering not only to a different level, but to a different world. A world where molecular gastronomy meets bite sized treats.

Imagine my excitement when I was invited along to preview their Spring/Summer menu for 2013. The kind of excitement that leaves butterflies flapping around your empty stomach waiting to be fed a delicious treat. As you can imagine, everything was phenomenal. Each dish was inventive, surprising and incredibly delicious.

Since it was a preview menu and hadn’t yet been released to the public, unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any photos. This made it all feel a bit top secret, but I do at least have an image of the menu’s stand out dish.

The menu’s star dish and my absolute favourite was the Golden Goose Eggs with Foie gras mousse. The foie gras was combined with rhubarb crisps and chilli chocolate chips which was then topped with violet caviar and micro watercress bunnies. This has to be the most luxurious, memorable spring themed egg I’ve ever tasted. The smooth texture of the Foie gras was complimented by the tangy rhubarb crisps, sweet spicy chili chocolate chips, and incredible pop of violet caviar. Spring Bubble Food

The rest of the menu went down the same magical Willy Wonka-esque route. My other favourite dish was the Mini chocolate pots with chilli chocolate bars & popping candy; a chocoholic’s dream. Rich, chocolatey mouthfuls of high quality chocolate eventually give way to an explosion of popping candy in your mouth and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since.

I cannot recommend Bubble Food Catering enough. Whether you want to have some fun with a party at home, add some sparkle to your special day or wow guests at a corporate event, Bubble Food will leave guests gushing for years to come.

To find out more about them, click here and to contact them, click here.


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