The Fat Duck

12 thoughts on “The Fat Duck”

  1. This is indeed a total dining experience. To have all 5 senses stimulated as you fill up with delicious food – heaven on earth. And makes me maddeningly jealous of you. 🙂

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  3. What a beautiful description of an ethereal experience. You nailed it perfectly, with an eye for detail as well as the enthusiasm such an experience brings on. We ate at the Fat Duck two nights ago, and I have to say the experience was virtually the same. Impeccable service accentuated our experience, and Heston’s cookbook really filled in many of the details ( how DID they make that sand in the Sound of the Sea?) Our next stop will be Alinea, methinks. London is a long way from Florida just for four of us to fly out for dinner…

    1. Larry, I so appreciate your comment. I spent two weeks writing and editing this post as I feared it would never truly live up to the phenomenal experience of dining at the Fat Duck. Alinea is definitely on my foodie bucket list! I hope you enjoy it! x

      1. You should be very happy with your writing. You are light years ahead of most writers on this subject. You didn’t resort to the usual clichés and so, as a result, one feels as though he is right there with you. Keep it going! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  4. Wonderful write-up! We were just lucky enough to get reservations for August. Can’t wait!

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