Shake Shack: London

Hi there, I’m Alessandra. But I’m sure you’ve somehow managed to work that out by now, you clever cookie.

Everyone loves a good FAQ section.
Where are you from?
I am an Ameri-Brit.
That is, I hold passports for both the United States and United Kingdom. I find this especially useful when it comes to Customs lines. I’m from San Diego, California, but have grown up visiting London throughout my life, and am happy to now call it home.

Why did you leave the sunshine in California for this bloody city?!
When I’m asked this in the dead of winter… I occasionally tear and cling on to the confused Brit screaming I don’t knowwww!
But during the rest of the year, I love almost* everything about this city. The history, the architecture, the multiculturalism, the hidden gems, the people, the diversity, the markets, and the best melting pot of constantly changing, evolving foods from around the world.

*As a half Brit, it’s required that I complain about the weather, “terrible” public transportation and the government

What camera do you use to capture your food porn and other adventures?
I have a lovely Canon DSLR which has always been with me through the years, horseback rides on the beach, Michelin starred restaurants, he’s always been there. A lot of my pictures, however are snapped from iPhone as a more discreet tool.

Can I use your photographs?
Why thank you for asking! Contact me by email at: hello @ and I’ll be happy to send you an original copy.
Thanks for crediting my photo skills / linking to my website.
(But really, that’s mine)

You’re on death row for holding all the world’s top chefs hostage, what would your last meal be? 
That punishment is a bit intense for just wanting a constant flow of incredible food… My Nonno’s Zuppa di Pesce – a beautifully cooked Italian fish stew filled with crab, lobster, mussels, clams, scallop with the most delicious broth perfect for scarpetta.
Ask me nicely and I may give you the recipe.
But, probably not.

I’m a foodie and think you must go here/try this:
If you have a burning question or an awesome restaurant, product, or favourite spot you’d like me to try, you can leave a comment or contact me via Twitter @Alessandra_LDN.

I’m a company or PR and I’d like to get in touch:
If you are a company and have an awesome restaurant, product, destination or hot spot you’d like me to try, email me at Please be warned, if I don’t like something, I won’t post it. This is my little space and I won’t write things I don’t truly believe. Otherwise it all becomes a bit spammy and preachy and you as a reader would get bored.


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  1. Lumy George

    Great review of Taste Alessandra, the pictures are fabulous and really captured the magic of the event. Look forward to reading more of your food exploits.

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