Remember when I mentioned fabulous Spanish Chef José Andrés a mere two days ago? Well, I loved Jaleo’s Spanish tapas so much, that when a friend from University in London wanted to meet up in DC, I was ready for another round of the chef’s fantastic cooking.

Zaytinya is a modern Mediterranean tapas restaurant – do you see the theme here? The restaurant is very open and is flooded with natural light from the massive glass wall that allows diners to see businessmen and tourists scurrying along the street.

After being seated and given our menus, I had to question José Andrés in a way I had not yet had to do. Yes, I had previously pondered his motives for serving chicken fritters in a shoe or his placement of caramelised bread with chocolate mousse, but his efforts had proven to be successful on each account. This time however, had Mr. Andrés gone too far?

His menu clearly states: Are You Ready for This Because I Believe Your Life is Going to Change Forever
Bold. Daring. But true?
Well let me tell you, anyone that keeps a hot basket of Pita bread filled throughout my dining experience, can make all the outrageous claims in the world.

I had to snap a picture of the oil, it’s shaped in a Z! For Zaytinya! Well, I thought it was cool. Nothing like some fresh Hummus and warm Pita bread to start a Mediterranean feast.Fresh Fattoush Salad of Tomato, Cucumer, Red Onion, Green Pepper, Radish, Pita Chips, and Pomegranate Vinegar Dressing 

Sauteed Shrimp, Dill, Shallots, Mustard, and Lemon Juice
These were some of the best shrimp I have EVER had and I definitely plan on recreating these at home.

This was, hands down, the best Falafel I have ever had. Alright José, you got me. I did not see life changing in the form of a Falafel coming. They were light and fresh with a bright green interior and plenty of spices.
Adana Lamb Kebab Chicken Shish Taouk Turkish Delight: Walnut Ice Cream with Yogurt Mousse, Honey Gelee, and Caramel Sauce with Caramelised Pine Nuts Greek Yogurt and Apricots: Muscat Soaked Apricots with Vanilla Yogurt Cream, Apricot Sauce, and Pistachio Powder


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