Spanish Chef José Andrés is a genius.
James Beard Award winner and owner of the Think Food Group, he has a list of incredible restaurants across the US.

After a day of wandering around the Smithsonian American Art Museum, my mom and I popped around the corner for some well earned tapas at Jaleo.
The renowned Spanish tapas restaurant was packed with buzzing hockey fans, filling up on tapas treats before the game.

The room’s decor is sort of retro meets modern art with strange wallpaper of outfitted bodies cut off at the shoulders.
I am obsessed with the wine list which was served on an iPad. I’ve waited to see this concept used in a restaurant for the food menu for far too long.

Alright, let’s be honest. We’re not here to chit chat about the 21st century wine list or the strange wallpaper. It’s all about the food porn, and this time, it’s dished up in the form of little bite-size Spanish tapas.

Endives, Goat Cheese, Oranges, and Almonds

Fried Mashed Potatoes Filled with Cerano Ham topped with Tomato Sauce & Garlic Aioli

Seared Piquillo Peppers filled with Cana de Cabra Goat Cheese

Mussels served with Pipirrana, Sherry Dressing, and Honey

Spanish Mini-burger made from the Legendary Acorn-fed, Black-footed Iberico Pigs of Spain

I flagged a waiter down to take a picture of the most oddly presented Chicken Fritters, served in a glass shoe! Chocolate Mousse with Caramelised Bread, Olive Oil, and Brioche Ice CreamApple Charlotte with Pedro Ximenez and Vanilla Ice Cream 

I’m so inspired by these Foosball Dining Tables – what a way to pass the time whilst waiting for your tapas to be whipped up. I’m definitely creating my own version for my future home. 

Each bite was more fantastic than the next and I can’t wait to taste my way through more of José’s restaurants.


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