My very typically Italian Nonno needed to do some business in Veneto, Italy and was planning a weekend trip. Absolutely enamored with Italy, my Nonna and I quickly offered to accompany him on his trip in case he needed some entertainment or someone to share dinner with. We presented our case and after successfully winning him over, immediately began to book and plan.

I spent my childhood summers visiting my grandparents in London, and often we made trips to the Tuscan seaside. There is no where in the world I feel more at peace than in Italy. I’ll try to keep my infatuation controlled while I detail our quick trip, but you’ve been warned, I really am obsessed.

There is something mystical about Venice. As you float down passageways, surrounded by history, trying to conceptualize a city resting entirely on water, everything seems completely surreal. Each building an architectural masterpiece, completely different from its neighbors, yet molds together to form a perfect, intricate puzzle.

This strange structure hangs above what was originally the only umbrella shop in Venice.

Food in Venice can be incredibly expensive, taking advantage of the packs of tourists that invade the city year round. I would suggest you find a local bacaro (wine bar) that serves cicheti, which are like little italian tapas. This is my favorite way to eat by far, as it ensures you are able to sample various local specialities. There are beautiful seafood dishes and the artichoke is phenomenal.
Venice is a place that everyone should visit in their lifetime. There’s no way the city could leave a bad taste in your mouth, even if the piazza is flooded or the wind whips down the alleys, its truly breathtaking and like nothing you’ve ever seen.

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