Brick Lane

It’s a Sunday afternoon and after a morning love affair with your fluffy duvet, you need something to both entertain your mind and stifle your growling tummy. Well, I have just the place: Brick Lane. Hidden away in the East End of London, Brick Lane is a culturally diverse gem filled with something different around each corner. Most fascinating of the area would be the Brick Lane Market. A long row of bedsheets and tables spread with odds and ends, from vintage clothing and old records, to hemp lotion and turquoise rings. The area itself is filled with funky art and incredible graffiti.

We popped into a random store claiming to hold The Brick Lane Zoo. We headed into the shop’s basement to find walls lined with strange animal art and floors covered with hay. Moss graffiti deer and playing card ants were some of the Zoo’s main attractions.

After some thorough exploring, we visited the darling little Tea Bar named Tea Smith. At the bar, you’re given your own personal Tea Smith help select a flavor of tea from an extensive menu. A process of steeping and combining results in three different strains of your selected tea to try.  Such a relaxing, enjoyable experience with knowledgeable staff and incredible quality tea! I would highly recommend a visit.

Before we left, I got my hand on these little beauties to display in a vase at home. 

What about your grumbling tummy! You think i’d miss out on a foodie tip? Make sure you stop in The Boiler House Food Hall to sample dishes from all over the world! My personal favorite is the Turkish Wrap covered in spices and dripping in marinade. There’s also the famous Brick Lane Beigel Bake open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Fresh bagels topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon or moist salt beef – what a perfect midnight treat.

What do you like to do in Brick Lane?


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