Granger & Co Brunch in Notting Hill

Just a quick one to kick off your weekend.

Last week, some friends and I skipped over to Notting Hill for some brunch.
Australian restaurateur and food writer Bill Granger has a casual, all day dining spot cosily tucked into Westbourne Grove. At Granger & Co, the menu features simple, seasonal dishes with heavy Australian influence.

To those of you not from America, brunch is a meal very close to my heart.
Brunch, in the simplest terms, is a combination of breakfast and lunch. But really, it is so much more. Because the two are meals are combined, this means you are legally allowed to eat two meals in one sitting. Brunch means you can pretend to have something healthy for the first part of the meal, and happily have dessert for the second. Brunch means those extra few hours in bed, which you probably should feel guilty for, but you don’t because you’re up just in time for brunch. Speaking of time, brunch means you can spend hours relaxing, catching up and most importantly, eating. Brunch is just amazing, alright? And I’m glad this city is slowly catching on to such a glorious event.

To start off our brunch, we nourished ourselves with an order of the healthiest mixture of ingredients ever.

Granger & Co

Bill’s greens juice is a ludicrously health conscious combination of green apple, cucumber, silver beet, chia seed & young coconut. The juice was refreshing and delicious, but my heart sank a little when brunch sized expectation did not size up. There were literally a few sips of the stuff for the price of what I would expect a normal glass of juice would cost.

For some reason, I continued along the path of health with my order of coconut chicken salad with nashi pear, watercress & avocado. This was simple and incredibly fresh, but lacked a bit of sweetness. Overall, it was still a delicious dish, but may have been interrupted by the most serious case of food envy.

Granger & Co

Food porn alert. You have been warned.Granger & Co

Just look at that.
Look at that, now look at mine.
Now back at that, then back at mine.
Ricotta hotcakes with banana & honeycomb butter. Ya that’s right, honeycomb butter!
Granger & Co Fluffy pancakes with warm, sweet banana and luscious, melted butter.
Granger & Co
One last look… I’ll give you a close up.  
Granger & Co
Needless to say, my food envy got the best of me and my fork may have wandered its way across the table a few times. And because its brunch, I didn’t even have to feel guilty about it.
That juice countered anything bad I ate for the rest of the day, right?

After brunch, we waddled our way around Notting Hill to work off the damage, popped down Portobello Road to check out all the goodies at the market and eventually found the cutest shop filled to the brim with cookbooks. 
Granger & Co
Granger & CoA day well spent, don’t ya think?

What are you getting up to this weekend? Do you have a favourite brunch spot I haven’t tried yet?
Don’t be shy, leave me a comment or send me a tweet @Alessandra_LDN


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