Street Feast: Truck Stop

Tucked away in E14, Wood Wharf is playing host to a fleet of food trucks which will be serving up delicious dishes once a month. Truck Stop Along with the trucks, the site features a taco bar, keg party and rotary bar serving up festival-style cocktails. Truck Stop When we arrived, Truck Stop was packed with hungry Londoners looking to feast on their favourite food trucks. Truck Stop A pretty good selection had rolled up, including Mark Hix’s Fish Dogs, Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese and Vanduke’s Thai truck. Truck Stop Truck Stop Truck Stop Truck Stop Truck Stop Truck Stop Truck StopOriginal Fry Up Material was serving up something deliciously naughty, which I couldn’t help but be tempted by.
Truck Stop A Truck Stop special of dry-aged chuck and short rib patty, dry cure bacon, hash brown, soft cotswold legbar egg, cheese and sauce all piled onto a brioche bun. Truck StopThat is one badass burger, if you ask me.
To accompany the monster, we ordered a side of dainty crinkle cut fries.
You know, to balance it out.
Truck Stop At the end of the site, a group of people were huddled around the Taco Bar. Now I know tacos are tasty, and I have heard good things about Breddo’s Tacos, but why would this cause a huddle?Truck StopAs I got nearer, I realised people were taking shots from the bar.
The reason for the onlookers being that these weren’t ordinary shots.
They were Chillibacks: one shot of Jose Cuervo tequila followed by a shot of Breddo’s pickled habanero juice.
Hands trembled wrapped around shot glasses as friends grinned from ear to ear egging their buddies on. Two quick shots resulted with a twisted face followed by bulging eyes.
This was all very amusing to watch, but I was hungry.
Truck Stop Truck Stop Truck StopBesides the tequila torture at the end of the line, Breddo’s also serve up tasty tacos.
We tried the 10 hour slow roasted chipotle short rib beef and the habanero, agave and lime chicken with mango slaw. Both had excellent flavour combinations, tender meat and some serious heat. Truck Stop Truck StopTruck Stop We wandered around looking for our next taste, watching the lines get longer and longer. Truck Stop Truck Stop Truck Stop Truck Stop Truck Stop Truck StopI spotted happy faces leaving Yum Bun’s food truck and quickly joined the growing queue.
Truck Stop Truck Stop Truck StopTruck StopWhilst waiting for my pork bun, I was overjoyed to find a big bottle of Sriracha waiting to be poured over my buns. Truck Stop

My pork bun with slow-roasted  Blythburgh belly pork, cucumber, spring onion and hoi sin sauce was finally ready. It looked absolutely perfect, sitting there all covered in sauce, tucked in its bun.
Truck StopI of course then doused it with a generous serving of Sriracha hot sauce and took a bite.Truck StopIt was so delicious that a glorious beam of rainbow shot out form the clouds overhead.
Not really, but it was damn good.
Truck Stop A navy green ambulance in the middle of the Truck Stop had a longer queue than any other. Truck StopIt turned out to be Mother Clucker, Ross’ southern style fried chicken truck, which was pumping out chick-wiches and popcorn chicken to a growing mass of people. Truck Stop Truck StopMother Clucker’s chicken has been marinated in sweet tea brine and is coated in buttermilk before being mixed with a secret blend of spices to create a traditional, southern style bite of fried chicken.
I had to try some.

The line lingered on and on and eventually we were next to try the mother clucking chicken.

Truck StopMy order of the popcorn chicken was finally ready.
The cup was filled with hot, tender chicken which truly had delicious flavour, further enhanced by the fiery hot sauce.
Although the queue seemed to dwindle on forever, I must admit, it was worth the wait.

Truck Stop

Truck Stop has been rolling into Wood Wharf the first Thursday and Friday of each month and will be returning this September so don’t miss it! For more info, check out their website.


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