Ping Pong Dim Sum

You know those elusive places that you always mean to try, but seem to always slip your mind when trying to find somewhere to eat?

This has happened to me with Ping Pong Dim Sum.

Luckily, following a crave worthy pork bun at this year’s Taste of London, I was invited in to Ping Pong Dim Sum to give the rest of their menu a try.

I grabbed Nikki who experienced this year’s Taste of London feast with me and headed off to their Soho location.

First things first: drinks.
Ping Pong boasts an extensive list of innovative, fruit filled cocktails which make it incredibly hard to choose from. Although their list of special Summer Mojitos was tempting, Nikki went for the Lemongrass & limes with finlandia vodka, lemongrass, limes and lychee juice.

This arrived with a forest of lemongrass bursting from the glass. PINGPONGDIMSUM Ever the sucker for interactive dining, I went for the customisable lemonade.
Fresh lemonade arrived with a shot of pure passionfruit puree (try saying that five times fast) allowing me to add as much or as little as I liked. PINGPONGDIMSUM I got a little carried away with my mixologist skills and dumped the whole thing in. PINGPONGDIMSUMResulting in half of it spilling all over the table and a puckered, sour face for the rest of the evening.
PINGPONGDIMSUM A whirlwind of plates were then piled on the table, starting with the ever perfect starter of salted edamame. PINGPONGDIMSUMCrispy prawn balls were a wild tangle of crunchy strips surrounding a perfectly cooked bite of prawn.
PINGPONGDIMSUM Honey glazed spare ribs had a subtle sweetness to them and meat that fell off the bone, just the way I like. PINGPONGDIMSUMA tower of Dim Sum stared at us, stacked high on the table.  PINGPONGDIMSUM

But like true little piggies, we were far from intimidated and tackled the tower one bamboo basket at a time.PINGPONGDIMSUMSpicy vegetable dumplings were tasty, but even better drowning in chilli sauce. 
PINGPONGDIMSUMHar Gau were soft parcels filled with king prawn and bamboo shoot. The prawns were again perfectly cooked and tasted great with the chilli sauce. PINGPONGDIMSUM The chicken cashew dumplings were by far my favourite; full of sweet flavour to accompany the tender chicken. PINGPONGDIMSUM The vegetable sticky rice were served wrapped in lotus leaves. Inside was a hot mound of sticky rice surrounding crunchy, cooked vegetables, which I of course drowned in chilli sauce. PINGPONGDIMSUM PINGPONGDIMSUM Last but certainly not least, char sui bun. This was the delicious pork bun I had first tried at Taste of London.

A fluffy white bun surrounded tender honey barbecued pork which was perfectly enhanced by the chilli sauce. It could’ve been a little hotter, but was still absolutely delicious.

PINGPONGDIMSUM PINGPONGDIMSUM PINGPONGDIMSUM We finished the glutinous evening with two puddings.

This mango pudding had the pure sweetness of real mangoes and a texture similar to a grainy panna cotta.

The chocolate coulant was a decadent ending to a decadent meal.
Dark chocolate liquid oozed from the cakey centre which needed the vanilla ice cream to contrast the richness.


The meal was delicious, staff were welcoming and the atmosphere was great. The venue is perfect for both big groups and intimate dinners alike.

I’ll definitely be back for more, but when you go, promise me you’ll order the pork buns?


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