The Orange Buffalo

From a smoking food truck tucked away in a hidden corner of Brick Lane, The Orange Buffalo serves up New York Style buffalo wings. After living and traveling around America, co-owners Mike and Nick created The Orange Buffalo out of their fondness for traditional American buffalo wings.

As a relatively new pop-up, American Expats blogging about The Orange Buffalo are spreading like wild fire and I thought I’d get in on the spicy action. There’s something about this tangy, spicy sauce that really sticks with you.

Some even say buffalo wing sauce runs through Americans’ veins… I’m not one of those people, but I do enjoy a good wing or two.

The Orange Buffalo So there I stood, gazing up into the smoke filled truck, listening to Nick explain the quality of their difficult to find free range chicken wings as they sizzled in the fryer behind him. I couldn’t decide between their four flavours of Original, Woof Woof, Vincent Man Gogh and the Viper. I eventually settled for half Original (tangy classic buffalo sauce) and half Woof Woof (spicy hot buffalo sauce).

8 Free range wings are £6 and are served with celery sticks and their home made blue cheese dip. In case you Brits didn’t know, they ain’t buffalo wings without a side of celery and blue cheese dip.

The Orange Buffalo The Orange Buffalo The Orange Buffalo The wings were phenomenal.
They were just what this Yank needed to complete Super Bowl Sunday. Meaty, tender, fattening wings slathered in spicy, tangy buffalo sauce.The Orange BuffaloThey really were finger lickin’ good. The Orange Buffalo The Orange BuffaloIf you want to tackle some wings at home, they sell all four sauces in jars to take with you.

If you’re in Brick Lane and fancy a few hot ones, you can find them here.
They’re open Mondays from 12-3pm & Tuesday – Sunday 12-8pm
But check their twitter feed for early/unexpected closure as they always post.

Don’t forget to tell me which sauce is your favourite. I can’t wait to go back and try the other two! 


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