Raw Bar Research

Today I have eaten non-stop.
I was asked to conduct my favourite kind of research for an upcoming launch, the edible kind.
I had to spend all afternoon wandering from classic London haunts to trendy new bars, trying raw dishes.

It all started at Bibendum.
A classic Oyster bar that’s been serving Chelsea locals for over 100 years.
The building itself is iconic, but unfortunately was under construction so I couldn’t snap a pic.
A beautiful flower stall and overflowing fish stand guard the entrance of the building for those wanting something to go. For those willing to spend an afternoon catching up over a plate of ice and rock oysters, head inside to the Oyster Bar.

Raw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchMy dining partner and I shared a half dozen Rock Oysters, three Colchester Rocks and three Fines de Claire Prestige. A little lemon, some shallot vinaigrette and a dash of tabasco before they were slurped down the hatch. The perfect kick-off to the long day of research ahead.

Raw Bar ResearchNext on the list was J Sheekey in the heart of the West End, another famous London haunt.
Business men brooded over Whisky at the bar and designer dressed couples snuggled into booths feeding each other crab bisque. 
Raw Bar Research
Raw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchWe decided to share the Sea bass ceviche with plantain crisps.
It was absolutely delicious with sweet red onion, spicy jalepeño, coriander and lime.
A lovely pick me up with a kick.

Raw Bar ResearchWe were then given our weapons for battle.
Raw Bar ResearchA beautiful Plateau de Fruits de Mer was then displayed on a bed of ice which took a considerable amount of time to greedily pick through.
Clams, whelks, sea snails, brown shrimp and langoustine all doused in lemon. 
IMG_7922Raw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchEn route to our next stop, I had to stop and giggle at this sign.
Note: the raindrops.
Raw Bar Research Next stop, Wright Brothers Soho Oyster House.
Fairly newer than its competition, it’s tucked away down a side street in Soho with candle-lit tables and a large raw bar.

Raw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchHere we tried a delicious Var Salmon tartare with ginger, coriander and soy.
On top was a tiny, lovely quail’s egg coated in sesame seeds.
Raw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchLast, but certainly not least, one of my frequent favourites: Roka. It’s a modern Japanese restaurant with simple ingredients that never disappoints.Raw Bar ResearchRaw Bar ResearchThe edamame with sea salt is a must have whilst mulling over the menu.
I know it’s technically not raw, but we needed something warm to munch on after our journey through the snow.

Raw Bar ResearchFirst we had one of my favourite dishes, the Yellowtail sashimi with truffle yuzu dressing, mizuna and pickled vegetables.
Flavour, ingredients, presentation, all perfect.

Raw Bar ResearchThen a few bites each of Softshell crab sushi with cucumber and kim chi with a chilli mayonnaise. Simple and delicious.

Raw Bar ResearchThen the decadent Wagyu sushi with oscietra caviar, spring onion and fresh ginger. Every bite of this was pure bliss. Raw Bar ResearchA steaming hot order of flavourful Roasted eggplant with sesame miso was the perfect side dish. Raw Bar ResearchThroughout my sampling, I sipped on a delicious green iced tea with lemonade and passion fruit. They have an extensive list of creative cocktails and great selection of non-alcoholic drinks. Raw Bar Research It’s been a rough day of research and it’s time to compile my notes.
I’m hoping I receive another tough assignment very, very soon.


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