Breakfast With a View

I have found your new favourite breakfast spot.

If you thought Duck & Waffle looked like the perfect spot for a romantic dinner overlooking the city, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve found a new use for this towering venue. The potential downfall for my new discovery is that you’re going to have to set your alarm clock. This isn’t for a lazy Sunday brunch and you’ll soon see why.

After getting dressed and ready at some ungodly hour and stepping out into the cold, early darkness that is usually only endured to catch a red eye from Heathrow, we made our way into London well before the busy Monday morning commute.

What on earth is worth an early Monday morning? you ask.
Two things: Duck and Waffle.

Not convinced to be up before the sun just for a bit of breakfast?
How about having an entire 40th floor to yourself whilst you watch the city wake up and the sun rise all over a delicious breakfast. I promise it was well worth it.

We sat facing the East and watched as the sun rose above the clouds and lit up a beautiful Londontown. Lines of cars that looked like ants made their way into the city whilst tired commuters crept across the pavement. Lights in skyscrapers were slowly switched on and smoke billowed from chimneys in the distance. There’s something so peaceful about watching a city groan to life, preparing for another busy week, whilst high in the clouds, away from a cramped commute of grumpy Londoners.

For breakfast we obviously shared the star of the show, Duck & Waffle, which you can read more about here. We also shared Colombian Eggs, which were fluffy, scrambled eggs mixed with salsa and spread over a generous serving of fresh avocado on toast. This was a delicious, spicy  take on the standard breakfast dish which I could happily indulge in more often. For breakfast dessert… greedy, I know… we shared a Belgian Waffle with berries and massive dollop of fresh vanilla cream.

Whilst we dined, several people trickled in for early morning business meetings over Bloody Mary’s and waffles, an idea I must store away for future reference. The view was stunning, meal was excellent, and I couldn’t think of a more spectacular way to start off another work week.

You can book a table here but if you’re planning on watching the sunrise, it’s not likely you’ll have too much company.


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