Yashin Sushi prides itself on their “Without Soy Sauce” concept. Chef Ikeda witnessed customers dunking their rice and delicate fish into their dishes of soy sauce, resulting in any flavours aside from soy being masked. Yashin specialises in serving its sushi already seasoned with different toppings and sauces that enhance the flavour of the fish.

Located in South Kensington, Yashin can be a bit pricey. But, if you’re in need of a special treat and would like to have some of the finest sushi in town, Yashin gets the job done. Be sure you make reservations in advance as the restaurant has limited seating.

This was most delicious Miso Soup I have ever had. I wonder if it being served in a dainty tea cup had anything to do with it. Edamame with Himalayan Sea SaltSalad with an incredible ginger-miso dressing and garlic chips
Mich, my favourite sushi eating companion. The foodie moment of happiness: when the most incredible meal is placed in front of you.
Omakase Eight:  Yellowtail with Salsa, Salmon with a Tangy Jelly, Tuna with Pepper and Salt, Fatty Tuna with Seasoning, Salmon with Jalepeno, Grouper with Garlic Jam, Tuna with Chili, Sea Bream with Spices

Six piece Salmon Miso Roll


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