Petersham Nurseries

This weekend, we went to Petersham Nurseries. The nursery is tucked away in the corner of Richmond Park and is filled with a stunning array of flowers. In the middle of the nursery, is the glass Teahouse. The glass house is filled with french furniture and gorgeous bouquets with tables sitting on exposed dirt, very rustic-chic.

I had the best seat in the house, and watched the chef prepare the incredible Italian-inspired dishes. We pored over the menu, and eventually made our decisions.
To start: Torn bread, Chorizo, Merinda tomatoes, and Romesco sauce
Main: Halibut Acqua Pazz with Rocket & Aioli
Dessert:  Chocolate and Almond cake with Jersey Cream & Pedro Ximenez and Fresh Mango Sorbet

Everything was fresh and beautiful, but the Mango sorbet was absolutely outstanding.

This is the perfect place for a date. It’s first-come, first-serve and parking is incredibly limited. I’d suggest taking a walk across the park and arriving early to ensure you get a spot. If there’s a wait, you can wander the nursery and choose some plants to take home.


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