Taste of London Winter 2015

Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more than an afternoon of great music, buzzing atmosphere and festive feasting. This year, Tobacco Dock played host to another round of Taste of London Winter (can we please go back to calling it Taste of Christmas?). The halls were decked with tinsel, Christmas trees lined railings, lights and decorations […]

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Taste of London 2015

Remember London back in June, when the sun shone gloriously on upturned, smiling faces? People spilled into the streets, joyously sharing a pint or two of Pimm’s, lovebirds skipped arm-in-arm through the park, and boats sailed gracefully up the Thames – every drop of sunlight absorbed and every ounce of Vitamin D enjoyed. The winds […]

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Taste of London Winter 2014

Did you go to Taste of Lon… Taste of Christmas…. No, Taste of London Christmas…….. No! Taste of Winter! Oh, right. I’ve been informed this year’s food festivities are going by the name: Taste of London Winter. Whatever its name, you know by now I love it. I love the mosh pit of foodies, friends, chefs, […]

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Taste of London 2014

I love Taste of London. Oh, you knew that already? Oh! You read last year’s post? And the year before?! I’m flattered, really. This also means I don’t have to go on and on about Taste of London being a food-filled hotspot of delectable dishes showcasing restaurants, chef demonstrations, little local products and pop up champagne […]

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Taste of London 2013

This year Taste of London returned to Regent’s Park for its 10th annual event. To celebrate the benchmark, I decided to join in on the feasting for two days in a row! Greedy, I know. But this meant two days of dishes to taste and two days of pictures to share with you!For the first time in […]

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Taste of London 2012

Finally it is upon us, the Foodie Christmas, Taste of London. This is quite possibly my favourite event ever. Taste of London is an annual food festival that is propped up in Regent’s Park each summer, showcasing some of London’s top restaurants and featuring some of the world’s top chefs. With VIP options and an […]

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