Sushi of Shiori

My London partner in crime, Michelle, and I decided we needed a sushi fix. This is a frequent occurrence between the two of us, but we wanted to try something different. We found a tiny sushi restaurant, Sushi of Shiori, in Camden and decided to give it a try. The waitress and sushi chef greeted us and told us to sit wherever we’d like, seeing as the restaurant was empty. We chose to sit at the bar facing the window for some rather interesting people watching.

The waitress explained the layout of the menu, the Nigiri Sushi, Hosomaki, Futomaki, Oshi-zushi, and Sashimi. Feeling rather indecisive, we chose the 12 piece tasting Canapè style sushi. The waitress told us it would take a bit of time and that usually they prefer you order in advance, but seeing as the restaurant was dead, they decided to make it for us.

We nibbled on some edamame and commented on the interesting fashion taste in this part of town. After about twenty minutes of anticipation, the server brought us a beautifully displayed boat of sushi, each one a piece of artwork. The waitress explained the sushi: imported fish from Japan, japanese peppers, and several sauces that had been specially created for each piece were among the listed. Each piece was a completely different flavor and texture, creating an incredible experience. We loved it and are looking forward to our next visit.


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