Taste of London 2015

Remember London back in June, when the sun shone gloriously on upturned, smiling faces? People spilled into the streets, joyously sharing a pint or two of Pimm’s, lovebirds skipped arm-in-arm through the park, and boats sailed gracefully up the Thames – every drop of sunlight absorbed and every ounce of Vitamin D enjoyed. The winds […]

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Shake Shack Collaboration

You may have heard of a skinny Italian Chef whom skilfully shines with 3 Michelin stars upon his shoulder. Said Chef is known for being nothing short of crazy, with an obvious air of creative genius. Massimo Bottura, whose phenomenal, foodporn filled cookbook Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef was recently published (hello Christmas gift!!), is one […]

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Taste of London Winter 2014

Did you go to Taste of Lon… Taste of Christmas…. No, Taste of London Christmas…….. No! Taste of Winter! Oh, right. I’ve been informed this year’s food festivities are going by the name: Taste of London Winter. Whatever its name, you know by now I love it. I love the mosh pit of foodies, friends, chefs, […]

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Mayday Catch Up

There’s not actually an emergency. It’s more of a catch up of May days rather than an international distress signal. But thinking about it, I don’t think a blog post would be the best way to alert the authorities. May’s a lovely month. It’s a glorious tease of warm weather, those first sunlit ice creams […]

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Shake Shack: London

I know I’m a bit late on this one, but you’ll soon forgive me as the food porn is well worth the wait. Shake Shack finally floated across the pond and swung open its doors smack bang in the middle of Covent Garden early July this year. Londoners & expats alike queued up for hours, […]

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