Sunshine in San Diego

I awake to the warm glow of the morning sun striped across my face through the blinds. As my consciousness steadily brightens from a sedate state, a wave of adrenaline rushes through my veins bursting in my core, rendering me vibrantly coherent. A shock to the senses can only be aroused by the allure of one thing, the … Continue reading Sunshine in San Diego

South Tyrol: Day 4

Wait! I didn’t finish telling you about Day 3! We left the peace and quiet of the countryside and headed for Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol. City life here, however, isn’t what you’d expect. A quaint town with an outstanding quality of life, ranked highly amongst all of Italy, with a combination of youthfulness from … Continue reading South Tyrol: Day 4

South Tyrol: Day 3

For a better view of our stunning surroundings, we decided to take a hike. A moderately challenging hike up Alta Pusteria on the Stoneman Trail ascends 120km, and is more than worth the climb for the view from the top. But we’ll start at the bottom, where we made our first friends. Fluffy sheep traversed the terrain … Continue reading South Tyrol: Day 3

South Tyrol: Day 2

There’s an energising effect about fresh mountain air that awakens the soul. A morning spent on the balcony, filling your lungs whilst taking in the view of vast mountains is more stimulating than any cup of coffee. After a quick fill of the extensive offering of the breakfast bar, including goats milk yoghurts, mountain cheese, … Continue reading South Tyrol: Day 2