Christmas Market on South Bank

The Christmas Market on South Bank is one of my favourite festive things to visit each year to kick off the holiday season. I love spending the day walking down South Bank year round, but there’s something particularly magical about the twinkling trees and decorated stands set up to appear as if you’ve been dropped in the middle of a German Christmas market.

Take someone to snuggle up with whilst you browse the market stalls for Christmas gifts and reward yourself for all the calories burned shivering down the Thames with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. When you’ve seen enough mini snow globes and wooden ties, follow the smell of grilled onions to the stand with piles of German Bratwursts sizzling over a pit. There are also pans made for giants filled with steaming cheesy potatoes, bacon, and caramelised onions.

My favourite thing to get at the market would have to be the Kangaroo burgers. Kangaroo burgers?! you ask.
Yes, tender Kangaroo burgers topped with onions caramelised in Jack Daniels.
Whilst devouring your meat, wander a bit further down South Bank to the graffiti covered skate park and watch the bikers, bladers, and skater boys attempt their tricks.

After sharing a Bratwurst and Kangaroo Burger, we had some warm, candied nuts and  peppermint hot chocolate before taking a ride on the Eye. Gazing out at a twinkling London was the perfect ending to an evening at the Winter Christmas Market.

Christmas Market on Southbank Christmas Market on Southbank Christmas Market on Southbank Christmas Market on Southbank Christmas Market on Southbank I told you there were pans made for giants.
Christmas Market on Southbank Can you spot the blurred sk8r boi? 
Christmas Market
Christmas Market on Southbank Christmas Market on Southbank Christmas Market on Southbank
Christmas Market on Southbank Christmas Market on Southbank Christmas Market on Southbank

The market is on until the 24th of December and is sure to spread some Christmas cheer, so grab some friends or a loved one and head down to South Bank.


Insta-Catch Up

I got the job! I got the job!
Well, sort of.

After months of job researching, CV fixing, and application filling, I finally landed the internship at the dream PR Firm. The firm I had my little heart set on since day one of University.

I’ve been plunged into the chaos that is the daily life of PR, and am loving every second of it. Even the Dry Cleaning, Post Office, and Soy Cappuccino runs, because it all means my foot is in the door.

With the new 9-5, and moving mid-first week of the internship, I have been crazy busy. I’ve been completely exhausted, but have thought about you everyday. I missed you and would love to do a little insta-catch up to get things back on track. If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen some of my latest adventures. But, for those that don’t, here’s what I’ve been up to.

A surprise Feng Sushi Feast.

The best. homemade. lasagne. ever! The recipe: I’ll never tell. Incredible, creamy Truffle and Porcini Risotto to kick off an eventful dinner party. You know the Dinner Party has gone on too long when…
Queen Nonna taking charge of the table games. The night ended with a game of International Poker. An incredible, inspiring day at the Paralympics.
The day started with Women’s Wheelchair Basketball at the O2.
Followed by a ride on the Cable Cars to the other side of the river. And finished at the Olympic Stadium for some Paralympic Athletics.

Team GB! 

Posing with The Olympic Torch! 

Posing with Mandeville, the strange Olympic Mascot.
Did you know he was named after Stoke Mandeville Hospital who created and held the first Paralympic Games?
Naughty Midnight Milkshakes Mussel Men Chips at The Real Food Festival on Southbank before the Thames Festival FireworksA late night ride on the Eye before the Thames Festival Fireworks
Stunning display of Thames Festival Fireworks Rainy Day curled up watching movies with Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Celebratory MeatLIQUOR burgers
Come to Mama
MEATliquor Madness. Pierre Herme Macarons

How cute are these!? I found them for sale in Selfridges. Brits, say it with me: A-le-SSahn-draFrae Frozen Yogurt after a lovely walk down King’s RoadA Golden MagnumI really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree
Lovey dovey, lovey dovey, lovey dovey all the time…

Homesickness cure: Chipotle Burrito Bowl
Homesickness Cure: Pinkburrrry
I’m glad we’re all caught up!
What have you been up to?