The Savoy: Afternoon Tea

The Savoy. London’s most famous 5-star hotel stands magnificently on The Strand. Tucked in from it’s neighbouring buildings and the bustling Strand, a perfectly paved road leads to the massive sign proudly declaring in thin, bold letters: Savoy.

Ever since The Savoy’s closure and my move to London, I have been waiting for my Afternoon Tea at the hotel. Michelle, my London-partner-in-crime, and I headed to The Savoy to finally indulge in this long overdue tea party.

The Thames Foyer is located at the heart of the hotel. With a massive, glass cupola located overhead, the lavish tea room is flooded with natural light. A gazebo houses a grand piano where the pianist plays classical music for the entertainment of dining guests. Everything in the room emits elegance and luxury, and it really is a perfect, classically beautiful location for a quintessentially British Afternoon Tea.

We were seated in the perfect location. Our backs were to the wall, and we had the perfect view of not only the entire room itself, but anyone entering the foyer. We selected our tea, had a particularly awkward photo taken, then set about commenting on the potential life stories of surrounding guests and of course, the outfits they were wearing.

Our tea stand arrived and I was pleasantly surprised by the sandwich selection. They had innovative fillings and were each served on a different type of bread. The scones were freshly baked and still warm, served with an in-house made Strawberry Jam. After finishing our tower of treats, our waitress arrived with a tray lined with gorgeous desserts. I would expect nothing less from The Savoy, but each dessert was truly beautiful, individual, and delicious.

We requested a long intermission and sat sipping our tea whilst digesting our delicate feast. About an hour later, our waitress appeared with a trolley table side. On her trolley were three large bricks of English Fruit Cake, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing, and Banana Cake. I thought I may burst if I ate one more bite, but Michelle insisted we try a bite. We shared the Banana and Carrot Cake, and of course, they were amazing.

I love the pop of the orchids paired with the turquoise sculpture. It’s an incredibly vibrant, modern centrepiece contrasting with the black and white, Edwardian surroundings. 

I have a habit of sampling each sandwich, then eating them in order, saving the best for last. Strange, I know.
Clockwise: Mango chutney and cheddar, courgette and hummus, smoked salmon and cream cheese, cucumber with cream cheese, ham with apple honey mustard, chicken with mango butter, egg and cress, another chicken with mango butter, tomato with pesto and rocket.

Clockwise: Raspberry Passionfruit Macaron, Vanilla Lavender Eclair, Strawberry Fruit Crémieux Tartlet, Orange Almond  Weekend, Savoy Chocolate and Pistachio Opera, Royal Chocolate Cake. 

After finishing our several hour long Tea, we decided to wander the hotel seeing what £220m of refurbishment looked like. We took a peak at the gym and pool, investigated hallways, and checked out the hotel’s other restaurants. 

At last, I have enjoyed Afternoon Tea at the famous Savoy hotel. If you’d like to indulge at The Savoy, be sure to make reservations several weeks in advance.


Afternoon Tea at The Athenaeum

There’s nothing better on a rainy day in London than a spot of Afternoon Tea. Lounging on plush chairs, chatting with a friend over a delicate feast is all I ever crave when the skies open up, as they do so often here. Today Michelle and I fancied giving The Athenaeum a try.

The Athenaeum is a gorgeous, luxury hotel in Mayfair completely covered in a vertical garden. The living wall is unlike anything i’ve ever seen and is very hard to miss. The tea room was relatively empty as it was reserved later for an evening event. We chose an oversized chair that made us look like dolls in a giant’s home. From our spot, we had a view of the hotel’s garden, and all the party planners running around trying to set up this evening’s do.

I love anything different and unique. It wouldn’t be worth going to Afternoon Tea if every stand was filled with the same sandwiches followed by the same desserts and scones. I’m always on the look out for what the hotel or venue has done to separate this Tea from the others.

We were handed wooden tea menus, with little capsules of the actual tea leaves encased in the menu itself. We chose our teas and chatted, waiting for our Tea to begin. Soon after, the waitress brought over a selection of sandwiches to choose from. We tried one of each of the Smoked Salmon, Ham and Onion, Prawn, Egg and Cress, and Cucumber sandwiches. The sandwiches were good, and I enjoyed the different flavoured breads, but nothing spectacular. Following the sandwiches, we were served our Scones and Crumpets. They were warm and fresh, served with Clotted Cream, Lemon Custard, and Strawberry Jam. After our Scones and Crumpets were sampled with each one of the spreads, a glorious tray was wheeled towards us. Cakes, cookies, tarts, and jellies were beautifully presented with scattered, edible pansies. I chose several of the cakes to sample and a delicious champagne jelly with fresh strawberries.

What a successful rainy day! If you’d like to have Afternoon Tea at The Athenaeum, I suggest you reserve in advance.

Greenwich Picnic

Just a quick post to show you the epic picnic we had in Greenwich Park.
We found a beautiful spot under a tree with the perfect view of the city.
We munched and chatted until the sun went down on a spread of sandwiches, hummus, cheese & crackers, fresh strawberries, pomegranate, tabbouleh, grapes, and my favourite Macarons from Yautcha.
I just love this city when the sun shines.

What is your ideal picnic location and what must you have to snack on?