I’ve Tumbld

Alright, I’ve given in.

I am now the owner of a tumblr: alessandrabrian.tumblr.com
I am absolutely addicted. I’ve decided to make it a collection of things that please, tantalise, entice, and inspire my heart, mind, and soul.

I’ve discovered it to be incredibly useful for those of us with insomnia, as I can work in to the early hours of the morning essentially creating a giant, web-based scrapbook of emotive photographs.

I would recommend everyone owning every piece of social media with your name, whether or not you use it. This ensures that no one else owns your name on something later down the line. So come on my social media nerds, go get your Domain name, Blog name, Tumblr name, Twitter name, Facebook name, Pinterest, and Instagram. Then follow me and we’ll be social media friends!

I hope you like my tumblr, feel free to leave a link to yours in the comments.