Taste of London 2015

Remember London back in June, when the sun shone gloriously on upturned, smiling faces? People spilled into the streets, joyously sharing a pint or two of Pimm’s, lovebirds skipped arm-in-arm through the park, and boats sailed gracefully up the Thames – every drop of sunlight absorbed and every ounce of Vitamin D enjoyed. The winds […]

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Taste of London 2014

I love Taste of London. Oh, you knew that already? Oh! You read last year’s post? And the year before?! I’m flattered, really. This also means I don’t have to go on and on about Taste of London being a food-filled hotspot of delectable dishes showcasing restaurants, chef demonstrations, little local products and pop up champagne […]

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Taste of London 2013

This year Taste of London returned to Regent’s Park for its 10th annual event. To celebrate the benchmark, I decided to join in on the feasting for two days in a row! Greedy, I know. But this meant two days of dishes to taste and two days of pictures to share with you!For the first time in […]

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Raw Bar Research

Today I have eaten non-stop. I was asked to conduct my favourite kind of research for an upcoming launch, the edible kind. I had to spend all afternoon wandering from classic London haunts to trendy new bars, trying raw dishes. It all started at Bibendum. A classic Oyster bar that’s been serving Chelsea locals for […]

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