B-SOHO Pizzeria

I am Italian.
Loud family gatherings, great fashion sense and excessive hand gestures come with the territory.
But, above all else, Italians are best known for their love of food.
And who could blame us? Creamy, cheesy lasagnes, fresh pastas with vibrant pestos, delicious dolci of Tiramasu and gelato, the evidence is endless.
But the most illustrious Italian dish being gobbled up around the world would have to be the pizza.
A disk of heaven bringing pure joy and comfort to its consumer from its crispy, chewy base, tangy tomato sauce, and molten hot mozzarella stringing from pizza to smile.

Outside of Italy, it’s hard to find a decent pie.
Most are too thick, leaving large wads of dough in your stomach which render you wanting a wheel barrow. Some are too thin, with flimsy slices that create funnels for sauce to pour onto your lap.  Some are too cheesy…. no, there’s no such thing as too cheesy.

Londoners, the search is over.
I’ve found delicious pizza right in the heart of the city.

B-SOHO Pizzeria Needing a break from emails and a catch up with a friend, I popped in for lunch with the lovely Nada. We tucked ourselves away in the corner into comfy leather couches and watched as the restaurant became buzzy with business men and women escaping their desks for a tastebud trip to Italy. B-SOHO Pizzeria A good mix of lounge music and cool covers created a relaxed vibe and I could happily see myself curled up on the couch for the rest of the day.
The circus lights on the ceiling gave a fun atmosphere and with the speakers scattered around the restaurant, you know the place gets up to some fun later in the evenings.

Some girls catching up across the restaurant had just received their pizzas. One of them picked up a slice and said, “I love this, I feel like I’m on holiday in Italy,” as she took a massive bite. And it did feel a bit like we had escaped the freezing London streets with the wall-sized mural of Naples and mounted photo of an Italian Mama sipping her Espresso watching over the diners.

B-SOHO Pizzeria Our Antipasti Rustici arrived.
A big board of traditional Italian cheeses and meats.
Simple, rustic and delicious.
B-SOHO Pizzeria Then came the main event.
Nada’s Calzone was a monster.
Chewy, crispy pizza dough folded around fresh tomatoes, ham, tomato sauce, and plenty of melty cheese. It was a thing of beauty.
B-SOHO Pizzeria But I wasn’t here for a calzone.
A pizza the size of a wheel was placed in front of me.
Chewy crust with crispy, rustic burnt patches lay the base for fresh tomatoes, salty prosciutto, creamy Buffalo mozzarella all topped with crunchy rocket.
I doused this in chili oil and dug in.
It truly was delicious, the perfect mid-day treat.

B-SOHO Pizzeria If we had any sense at all, this is where the lunch would’ve ended.
We would have pried ourselves from the cosy couch, gone back to our places of work with full tummies and continued with our day.

But I’m afraid to tell you, this was not the end.
The Don Luca Pizza alla Nutella should come with a warning.

A full sized pizza arrived, but instead of marinara and cheese was a generous slathering of hazelnut chocolate Nutella and a sprinkling of pistachios. There was also a coating of powdered sugar which is quite possibly the last thing this sweet pizza needed. The slice was delicious, but overwhelming having just had a piled high pizza for lunch.

B-SOHO Pizzeria B-SOHO Pizzeria This is the perfect place to subside your taste for Italy.
They have a great lunch menu special for all you busy Soho bees that want to pop out for a quick escape from your emails.

Regarding the Nutella Pizza: You have been warned.

Check out their website here and to make a reservation, book here.


Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day.

You can’t forget it, because it’s everywhere.
Signs in shop windows, gift guides in magazines and little red hearts everywhere.

Now I know there a few of you that are very anti-Vday, but listen up.
If you’re single, it’s the perfect excuse to either treat yourself to a night out with your girlfriends or consume a pint of ice cream guilt free.
If you’re loved up, it’s a day to show someone hey, you make me happy and I like sharing my world with you. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, I have a few varying in price and mushiness for your boo, girlfriend, best friend, and even your mum.

The Gift:

Chanel Red

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour £18
Everyone has a lovely lady in their life that deserves to have killer claws. My favourite is Rouge Noir, Number 18


Pierre Hermé Macarons £14-£22
Nothing says I love you like a box of decadent macarons.
Pop into Selfridges and customise your gift by selecting his or her favourite flavours.
A box of 7 macs are £14, or get the Valentine’s Day box Les Macarons de Saint-Valentin for £22.

I Love You Ring

Tiffany & Co. I Love You Ring £100
For the serious couple, say it with Tiffany’s.
No, not an engagement ring! Just an I love you ring, so she always knows you love her…even when you forget your anniversary.

Perfume Floris Bespoke Perfume £195
For this one, you’d have to really know the other person’s favourite scents in order to create their perfect perfume. But, I think that this is such a thoughtful gift.
Spend 90 minutes consulting with a Floris perfumer and choose from a range of scents to personalise a 100ml fragrance.

Massage Oil

Massage Oils £10
To tease and please, why not give a sensual back massage with Polynesian Massage Oil.

Hotel Chocolate

Chocolates £45
When it comes to chocolates, everyone knows that the bigger the box, the more you love them.

LingerieSomething sexy to spice up your night £20-£200
Take a cheeky peek at Agent Provocateur for some luxury lingerie or Gilly Hicks for a great deal on on some down undies.

Flower card

Flower Card £10-£20
Don’t get her flowers, they die.
Ok, she probably likes flowers. But instead of paying an extortionate price for roses on Valentine’s Day, how about a big bunch of her favourites. Or how about this neat flower card. Strange, but creative.


The Bacon Club £17-£30
Give the gift of bacon because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love bacon?
Remind your man how much you love him every month with a nice stack of meat.
The Bacon Club sends a 2 pack of British bacon for £17.50 or 4 pack for £29.77 will be delivered right to your door each month.

Batman cufflinks

Batman Cufflinks £16
For the inner nerd that manages spreadsheets by day and crime by night.
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!
(you’re welcome for now having that stuck in your head for the rest of the day)

Oil set

Vom Fass Customised Oil Sets
For the chef, pop into Selfridges for a Vom Fass customised oil set. You can choose from a selection of different bottles and sample which flavour oils you’d like to buy. Alternatively, order them online to be shipped to your door. If you’re doing this, I’d suggest the miniature oils and vinegars gift set which gives you a variety of 8 little bottles for £25.

Passport Holder

Leather Passport Covers £29 him / her
For the frequent flyer that loves a good travel accessory.

Destination Print

Personalised Destination Print £38
For the traveling couple, this awesome print of destinations you’ve been, or plan on going. It’s a sweet way of encapsulating memories without putting all your vacation photos on display.

The Date:
Now if your girlfriend / friend / boyfriend / mum is anything like me, the way to their heart is through their stomach.


For an easy, romantic night in, why not grab some pre-made dough and all his or her favourite pizza toppings and spend the evening making your own pizzas. Share them cuddled up watching an action rom-com movie.

Kitchen TableFor the gourmet foodie, surprise them with seats at Bubbledog’s Kitchen Table. Check their twitter feed here for seats available and reservations.
There are limited seats left for Valentine’s Night – email info@bubbledogs.co.uk to reserve your spot.

Bubble Food Valentine

If you don’t want to battle for reservations, you could pull out all the stops and have molecular gastronomy created right in your very own kitchen.
Bubble Food will bring molecular fine dining to you with liquid nitrogen cocktails, deconstructed canapés, floating mains, and a Valentine’s Day dessert of champagne caviar sabayon with bitter chocolate crispy strawberry and liquid cherries.
No true foodie could turn down this love potion.
Contact them to arrange your showstopper evening here.

Complete your gift with a thoughtful, meaningful Valentine. I’ve attached a few for inspiration.Valentine

Valentine Valentine

I hope this V-day fills you with lots of love and chocolates whatever you do.
But mostly chocolates.

Homemade Pizza

I’m enjoying a beautiful weekend up in Hermosa Beach, California. To accompany our movie night, we’ve decided to make some homemade pizza. There’s nothing like topping your own pizza with as much sauce, vegetables, cheese, etc. as you like.

If you’re in the States and familiar with Trader Joe’s, I would recommend popping in and picking up a bag of their wholewheat dough already made. It’s quite easy to make dough, but we want pizza right now, and I love Trader Joe’s version. You can always stop into a local pizzeria and ask for some dough, or you can put your apron on and make it yourself.

I’ll make this quick because I can tell (smell) my pizza is almost finished!

Depending on the dough you have made or purchased, follow any instructions regarding letting it rise. Flour your dough and roll it out to your desired shape thickness. Normally i’m a thin crust kinda girl, but we decided to go for a thicker crust with the deliciousness of the wholewheat. Lay your floured dough onto a pizza pan or cookie sheet and brush lightly with olive oil for some crunch.

Whatever you like! This is my favourite part about homemade pizza. I would suggest using packaged mozzarella versus fresh mozzarella because the water makes the dough soggy. Other than that, anything goes. We put homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, tomato, mushroom, bell peppers, olives, basil and lots of chill flakes on one. On the other, tomato sauce, prosciutto, arugula, and fresh parmigiano reggiano. Decadent, delicious, and not terribly unhealthy (depending on your toppings and portion control).