Happy Birthday Nonna!

Today is my lovely Nonna’s Birthday.
(Nonna is Italian for grandmother)

I may be a bit biased, but she really is the best grandmother ever!
She may be tiny, but she will boss you around like she’s 7ft. tall and becomes increasingly violent and Hulk-strong if you try to pay at the till. She enjoys bouncing bouncy balls across posh hotel lobbies and often talks to her Smart car, Smarty. If a pigeon comes anywhere near her she literally squawks in fear to the amusement of surrounding passersby. She has more energy than a puppy and could out-walk you any day. She absolutely cannot hold still and will often abandon her bus ride if the red light takes too long and will instead walk to her destination. She loves outrageous Mac makeup and wears Chanel No. 5. She loves poppies and desperately wants a butterfly tattoo. In her lifetime, she has dyed her hair every color of the rainbow and even had it shaved with leopard spots once. She’s incredibly rebellious and feisty and never fails to make me laugh.

She’s a mother, a wife, and a best friend, but most importantly, she’s my Grandmother, my Nonna.

Here are a few of my favourite photos of my Nonna.

This is my Nonna and I on her birthday when I was younger. I believe we celebrated this one as her 28th birthday because she refuses to tell anyone her age as it’s “just a number.” Her passport, driving license, doctor records, dental records, library card, etc. all have a different age. 

My Nonna does not like England. Although she was born and raised here, after travelling the world she has decided she is American and Italian. This is her, happy as can be, on a trip to my Nonno’s hometown Treviso in the North of Italy. 

My Nonna loves dance music. After receiving her iPod shuffle for Christmas, she now dances down the street, in waiting rooms, and on the bus. She doesn’t seem to realise we can all hear her singing.

My Nonna loves riding bicycles, but finds they often quite easily take control. She somehow always ends up on the ground, wheels frantically spinning, laughing hysterically pinned underneath. We haven’t yet attempted the Barclays bikes due to the height issue, but when we do, i’m sure you’ll hear her screaming before you see the wheels in the air.

My Nonna and Nonno are truly soul mates that have completed each other for almost 50 years. I’m so glad you have Nonno to help celebrate your special day, and everyday for that matter!

She really deserves the best birthday filled with wonderful birthday wishes.
Even if you don’t usually leave comments, maybe you could make an exception and just write a quick comment wishing her a Happy Birthday. Make sure you say where in the world you’re from and go ahead and have a cupcake to celebrate with us!