Prosciutto Caprese Sandwich

I’ve done it.
I’ve taken a beautiful Italian classic and turned it into a delectable, filling sandwich.

Caprese salad has always been one of my favorites. It takes me back to my childhood in Tuscany, ravenously consuming the salad alongside a pizza at lunch after a busy morning of sandcastle building on the beach. Fresh, ripe tomatoes layered between decadent slices of Mozzarella di Bufala and torn pieces of peppery basil. (US: bay-zel, UK: bah-zil) Heaven.

What could possibly make this fresh, simple salad any more amazing?
How about stacking it on pieces of warm, toasted sourdough baguette and covering it in prosciutto? I think yes.
I’m always looking for an interesting new lunch to tantalise my tastebuds mid-day. This would be a great way to spice up the lunches you take into work, but be wary, this may inspire work fridge theft.

Sourdough baguette (obviously you’re free to use any bread you like, but there’s something about sourdough with the tanginess of the balsamic and sweetness of the basil)
2 Ripe tomatoes (depending on size)
Mozzarella (if you’re eating this right away, use fresh Mozzarella that is packaged in water – if you’re taking this to work, use low-moisture Mozzarella served in a package so that your bread doesn’t become soggy)
A handful of basil leaves
Several strips of Prosciutto Crudo
Olive oil & balsamic vinegar
Sea salt & pepper

Assembly is quite simple and can be done to your taste.
I sliced and toasted my sourdough baguette, then layered slices of fresh tomato and mozzarella on top. I then placed layers of prosciutto crudo over the tomato and cheese like a tasty, meaty blanket. Then, I gave a handful of basil leaves a rough chop and sprinkled them over the top. Glug some olive oil and balsamic over your masterpiece to create an incredible, sloppy mess. A pinch of salt, a dash of pepper, and there it you have it: My Prosciutto Caprese Sandwich.

I hope you enjoy it!
Do you have any exciting lunch ideas I should try?


2 thoughts on “Prosciutto Caprese Sandwich

  1. Jacqueline B. Wiley

    I made this at school today for some of my favorite teachers. Everyone that went in the teacher’s lounge commented on how good it made the room smell! Thanks to the basil. This was truly a DELIZIOSO lunch! Easy to make and oh so satisfying; body, mind and spirit! I paired it with Raspberry and Coconut Roulade from whole foods, it was a hit! Thanks, Alessandra! And oh, for this, we all gave you an A+ !

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