Fourth of July

As you know, i’m across the pond and won’t exactly be having the biggest blow out for the Fourth of July as it would be particularly ironic. Last year I spent the Fourth in Washington D.C. and it could not have been more festive.

As I explained in my DC post, growing up I never really got to experience the well celebrated holiday as I was usually on a plane to London. I spent many Independence Days up in the sky, looking down at fireworks before reaching the blackness of the Atlantic. This year, i’m planning to at least consume an absurd amount of BBQ and may even whip up a festive treat.

To my Yanks over in the US of A, I hope you have a spectacular day filled with suntan lotion, a family BBQ, watermelon, and most importantly, fireworks! If there’s one thing America knows how to do, it’s celebrating a win. Remember why you’re celebrating and enjoy the day off.

Here’s some Fourth of July Pinspiration.   


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