Sunny San Diego

Since moving to London 3 years ago, I’ve had varied responses to why and how the California girl has ended up here. From cab drivers to croupiers, bellhops to businessmen, the standard response is shock with underlying anger. They seem appalled that I would give up my sunny beaches and palm trees for rain and rudeness. I try to laugh and tell them the grass is always greener, but then remember the lack of green grass in this concrete jungle.

I stand by my love of London, but this past month of “monsoon weather” in place of promised summertime sunshine, is giving me pangs of homesickness. I blame it on my lack of Vitamin D and don’t know how much longer i’m going to make it.

I thought i’d share a few snaps of Southern California to allow those of you suffering with me to daydream yourselves away…

I love you London, but you really need to get your act together.


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