Whole Foods Market

After a day of errands or wandering the streets of London, there’s one lunch that never fails to satisfy my hunger: Whole Foods sushi.
I frequent the South Kensington location as a cure for homesickness. One step inside the world’s largest Whole Foods, and you’d think you were still in America. With similar interior, some of my favourite food products, and even several employees from across the pond, a trip to Whole Foods gives me a quick America fix before getting back to being a happy, little Londoner.

As i’m sure you’ve heard, the Soho Whole Foods location has relocated across the street to a much larger venue. I couldn’t wait for the opening, and grabbed the lovely Innas to come along. We each got our box of sushi and sat at their outdoor tables to enjoy the spring sunshine.

Whole Foods sushi isn’t the most innovative i’ve come across, but it’s the best tasting and most reasonably priced with the freshest ingredients i’ve found. The brown rice with spicy tuna and spicy salmon is my favourite.


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