Chocolate Covered Obsessions

Trader Joe is a man after my own heart.
For those of you outside of The US of A, Trader Joe’s is a grocery store that sells innovative, hard-to-find, amazing food and products. I used to literally dance around the store, greeting employees dressed in Hawaiian shirts, and listening for the bell that announced a customer purchased the showcased, new product.

I highly suggest taking a trip down to try new products and stock up on their goodies if you haven’t been to Trader Joe’s before. I have a collection of chocolate covered obsessions that i’ve fallen addict to at the hands of Trader Joe.

Dark Chocolate Covered Edamame: These crunchy morsels of goodness combine bitter dark chocolate with salty soy beans for a beautiful marriage of flavor. They’re a good lower-calorie snack but beware: they are highly addictive!

Dark Chocolate covered Pomegranate Seeds: I was sceptical about this treat at first. Nothing compares to the sweet, surprising crunch of fresh pomegranate seeds – and then I tried these. The sweet, bitter chocolate mixed with the kick of pomegranate is phenomenal. The texture is chewy with a bit of crunch, again, highly addictive.

Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries: “What is a Powerberry,” you ask? A magical creation of pure bliss, that’s what. Fruit juice of acai berry, pomegranate, cranberry, and blueberry is combined and formed into little, decadent balls – then dipped in dark chocolate. You’ve done it again Trader Joe! He’s gone and created a magical berry and dipped it in chocolate! Nothing more can be said for these, but that you should go buy them NOW! And if you’re coming to London, bring me some… please. 

For the faint of heart, avert your eyes…
Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips: These are no joke. These aren’t delicate berries or sushi starters dipped in a bit of chocolate – these are monstrous. This monstrosity makes me question Trader Joe’s intentions. All your food seems so beautiful and healthy, and yet, you have these bad boys sitting on the shelf? Enormous, salty, crunchy, potato chips dunked in milk chocolate, enclosed in a deceiving, friendly package. These are decadent, but dangerous. You have been warned. 

What’s your must have Trader Joe’s product?

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