S’mores Dip

We have had the most ridiculous storm in DC for the past few days. (As if I don’t get enough rain in London) I’ve finally given up on trying to be productive and have succumb to a massive movie marathon.

Stormy weather like this can be a welcome break, lounging around, catching up on movies. This storm lead to a naughty treat break through. I had an intense craving for s’mores, but wasn’t about to be roasting any marshmallows in this weather. I took to the kitchen and developed the most amazing s’more dip.

1 extra large marshmallow (2 regular sized)
1 piece of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate bar filled with caramel and black sea salt (you can obviously substitute with any chocolate, but this is the best!)
1/3 cup of graham cracker crumbs

Place your marshmallow and delectable chocolate in a bowl and microwave for about 20 seconds. Check to ensure your marshmallow has swollen and begun to consume your chocolate slab. Pour in your graham cracker crumbs, and stir into a delicious, gooey mix. To dip, you can use graham crackers, biscuits, cookies, the options are endless. Load your cookie choice with this dip, and take a massive, gooey bite. The graham cracker crumbs add extra texture to the mix and the black salt brings out the intensity in the chocolate which contrasted well with the light, fluffy marshmallow. There you go! The perfect stormy weather/movie marathon treat.

Couscous has a developed new obsession with the Koi Fish Pond App on my iPad during the storm. She sits patiently for half an hour before striking the fish with her paw. Dissatisfied with her attack, she allows another half hour to pass before her next attempt.


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